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Jue Yun Jian - "Pivotal Battle with the Clouds Sword"

Blade Steel: Sanmai (three plate) pattern welded steel.

Blade Length: 31" (79 cm.)

Sword Length: 37" (94 cm.)

Overall Length: 39 1/4" (100 cm.)

Sword Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz (850 g.)

Decoration/Materials: Gold electroplated on steel with ray skin covered scabbard.

Each blade is individually hand forged so lengths & weights may vary slightly.

Huanuo List Price: $1375

Our List Price: $1155

The Emperor Qianlong ruled China (1736-1795) during the zenith of Qing military power. Being something of a renaissance man himself, Qianlong was an accomplished painter, poet and martial artist. In fact, it is said that he could best his own bodyguards. He was also the last Chinese emperor to personally lead his troops in combat.

During his life, Qianlong had over a hundred swords designed for his personal use and for the use of his close attendants. The design of many of these swords break with Chinese design traditions and are typically lavishly decorated. His Jue Yun Jian was one of a series of 30 jian made for his personal use, and the original is still housed in the Qing Palace museum in Shen Yang. Of these 30 jian, 10 are of the Heaven series, 10 of the Earth Series and 10 of are the Man series. The Jue Yun Jian is number 6 of the Man series. Huanuo's forge has created a masterful reproduction that captures the beauty of Emperor's original sword and is well balanced for form and test cutting practice. As with all Huanuo swords, this Jue Yun Jian is delivered razor sharp.

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