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Yuan Mongol Bow

Strung Bow Length: 57 1/4″ (145 cm.) Brace Height: 8″ (20 cm.) Ear Length: 13 ” (30 cm.) Each bow is individually hand made in China so lengths & draws weights may vary slightly. Our List Price: $309.99

1 Yuan Mongol Bow with a draw weight between 30 & 34#

Qianlong Manchu Hunting Bow

Strung Bow Length: 59 1/2″ (151 cm.) Brace Height: 7″ (18 cm.) Ear Length: 9 ” (23 cm.) Each bow is individually hand made so lengths & draws weights may vary slightly. Our List Price: $329.99

Our traditional Manchu Hunting bow is styled after one the Qianlong Emperor’s favorite hunting bows. The emperor commission many paintings of himself with this bow. As with our Qing Contest bow, The Qianlong Manchu Hunting bow is covered birch bark but in an alternating pattern of three different colors. Just as with other Manchu Bows we sell, this bow follows the same pattern as those bows that became the standard traditional Qing Chinese bow. Like many other Asian bows, Manchu bows are recurved. Qing era Manchu bows differ from earlier recurve bows in a number of important ways. The first, most obvious way is that the Manchu bow is the largest bow in the family of Asian recurves. Manchu bows also have longer “ears” or siyah and string bridges. These design features were suited to the Manchu style of archery which employed a heavier, longer arrow than early archery styles. The longer ears allowed for the Manchu use of longer arrows while also acting as levers that enabled the archer to pull a heavier draw bow

1 Qianlong Hunting Bow with a draw weight between 52 & 58#


Qing Officer’s Quiver

Quiver Height: 11 3/4″ (30 cm.)
Quiver Width: 8″ (20.5 cm.)
Our List Price: $229

Our all leather hand crafted Qing Officer’s Quiver is a replica of the quiver worn into battle by the Manchu Banner Officer Uksiltu. Uksiltu was one of 280 meritorious officers recognized during reign of Qianlong emperor for his service on the battlefield. These officers were memorialized in a series of paintings that were hung in the Hall of Purple Light in the Forbidden City. The inscription on Uksiltu’s portrait records his bravery, noting he fought on with a bullet lodged in his back. This Manchu type quiver is constructed with heavy brass fittings and has a large central pouch and slots on the front for three arrows. Hand made in Korea.

Mongol Quiver

Quiver Height: 13 3/4″ (34.5 cm.)
Quiver Width: 9″ (23 cm.)
Our List Price: $219

Our Mongol Quiver is crafted after an example in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection thought to date from the 15-17th century. Made from natural leather with sturdy brass fittings, it has one large main pouch capable of holding 13 or more arrows, this Mongol quiver also features two crossed leather straps and a small pocket on the front for additional arrows. This traditional quiver comes with a modern belt attachment (not shown) with a single wide suspension loop has been designed to fit any standard belt while holding the quiver securely in place. Handmade in Korea.

Wooden Whistle Arrowheads

Small Whistle Arrowhead Length: 2″ (5 cm.) Large Whistle Arrowhead Length: 2 1/2″ (6 cm.) Our List Price: Single Head, small or large- $30, Pair of Heads- $49 Hand Made in Tibet. Available in small and large sizes, separately, in pairs or mounted on our custom made arrows.

1 Small Whistle Arrowhead, $30

1 Large Whistle Arrowhead, $30

1 Pair of Whistle Arrowheads, $49

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